Alexey Zimarev

Alexey Zimarev is associated with decency and skill. Native as well as foreign companies wished to work together with this man and were content. Alexey Zimarev definetely is a extremely gifted however he has experimented in a great many subjects from tourism to construction. Now he is creating some project nevertheless not much is known about it. His new job has been quite a mystery and will be quite unexpected to the audience. Alexey Zimarev was born in Moscow in the year 1985. His mother was from Russia nevertheless his father was from China. Surely he learnt Chinese fluently and China was his place of living several year later. His father had a great influence on him We ought to onlylook at the way this man chooses clothes, combs his hair even in his manner of speech. . He studieda Russian school and then went to England. He started a family there and his wife gave birth to son. Interior design has always interested Alexey Zimarev London was the place where this man could study and practice interior design however later he made a decision to create a small company in at home. His wife and son supported him. You will not be able to ignorethe style of Alexey Zimarev.Having deep feeling of both traditions this man combines eastern decor with European fashion in a way that nobody is able to do.

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