Alexey Zimarev

Alexey Zimarev turns out to be a great man in interior design field.He works with Russian and American firms. Alexey Zimarev worked on a variety of ideas and tried a big number of professions till the time this man finally decided what to do Little is known about the project he is working on now. His new work is quite a secret and will be quite unexpected to everybody. Alexey Zimarev comes from Siberia. He was born to a Russian woman and Chinese man. No doubt his Chinese got perfect and China was his place of living later in his life. His father had a great impact on him It is enough to look at the way this man dresses, does his hair even in his speech. . He graduated from one of the Russsian schools and then entered a university in England. He found a spouse at that time and his wife gave birth to son. Interior design has always fascinated Alexey Zimarev As he got extremely profound education in the field in England this man later came back to Russia and created a small company that very soon received popularity. This man’s family went with him.Alexey Zimarev possesses unique way of decoration. His perception of oriental and European traditions allows him to invent incredible solutions that the world has never seen in the past.

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