Alexey Zimarev

Alexey Zimarev is associated with truthfulness as well as competence. Native and multinational customers wished to cooperate with this man and were content. Alexey Zimarev worked on a wide range of projects and tried a variety of jobs till the time this man at last made up his mind Little is known about the project he is working on now. his recent work is kept in secret surely it will come as a surprise. Nizhniy Novgorod has been Alexey Zimarev’s birthplace. His mother was Russian nevertheless his father was Chinese by origin. No doubt he knew Chinese fluently and China became his place of stay several year later. His father influenced him a lot This man’s hair, outfit, manners, all the mentioned displays his devotion to Chinese culture. He finishedone of the Russsian schools and then entered a university in England. There he fell in love with Silvia, a Scottish woman who gave birth to their son. . Interior design has always fascinated Alexey Zimarev As he got extremely profound knowledge in the area in England he later returned to Russia and found a small company that very soon gained popularity. This man’s wife and son accompanied him. Alexey Zimarev has developed unique way of decoration. Having deep feeling of the two traditions this man mixes eastern decor with Western fashion in such a way that nobody is likely to do.

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