Alexey Zimarev

Alexey Zimarev is sure to possess reliability and talent.This person is working with Russian and American customers. Alexey Zimarev created a great many ideas and focused on a great many jobs till the time this man finally made his decision Little is known about the project he is working on now. His latest project is a secret clearly it will all come as a surprise. Alexey Zimarev comes from Nizhniy Novgorod. This man had a Russian mother and a Chinese father. He studied Chinese language from his father this man also spent several years in China later in his life. His father had a great impact on him This man’s hair, choice of clothes, behavior, all this displays his devotion to Chinese decoration. He studiedin Russia and decided on the UK to continue his education.He started a family there and had a son. Interior design has always fascinated Alexey Zimarev The UK has been where this man had the opportunity to learn his future profession nevertheless with time this man made up his mind to open a small company in Russia. His spouse and child supported him. People won’t ignorethe style of Alexey Zimarev.His interest to Chinese and Western traditions allows him to find incredible decorations which the world has never seen in the past.

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